Aung Win Zaw testifies he did not see alleged gunman at airport

Aung Win Zaw testifies he did not see alleged gunman at airport
Aung Win Zaw. Photo: Ye Naing

Accused Aung Win Zaw testified in court that he did not see the alleged gunman Kyi Lin at Yangon International airport on the day of the assassination of advocate Ko Ni.
Accused Kyi Lin plus three others were produced before the Yangon North District court on July 13 at their 61st hearing and Aung Win Zaw was examined as a defence witness.
Attorney Aung Khaing examined Aung Win Zaw on CCTV footage captured at Terminal 1 of Yangon International Airport on the day of the killing of advocate Ko Ni, footage that shows Kyi Lin and Aung Win Zaw talking nearby.  
Aung Win Zaw testified at the court, “I absolutely did not see Kyi Lin and I did not talk with him.”
While leaving courtroom he told media, “I really did not see him on that day. I told the truth. We were not in the back to back position. I really did not know him. I must testify the truth as I was not really involved in this case. We were not in back to back position on that day.”
CCTV footage appears to indicate the Kyi Lin and Aung Win Zaw were standing about one foot apart in a back to back position.
Advocate Nay La who represents Advocate Ko Ni’s family said, “Aung Win Zaw requested the court to replay CCTV footage. And it was found Kyi Lin and he was standing in a back to back position but he denied seeing him at the airport. They faced a case together in about 2003 and in which Aung Win Zaw was accused number one and Kyi Lin was accused number two at Butalin court. But he denied at the court knowing Kyi Lin and seeing Kyi Lin at the airport. Then he demanded the court to replay this CCTV footage and then the court replayed the footage to him.”
Alleged gunman Kyi Lin admitted at court on July 12 that Aung Win Zaw, Kyi Lin and Aung Soe were imprisoned together at Mandaly Obow prison in 2003. The Yangon North District court fixed the next hearing for July 20 and during which Aung Win Zaw will be examined.