CID takes three detained in Lewe in connection with Phyo Ko Ko Tint San case

Photo: Ministry of Home Affairs, Myanmar

Lewe Township Myoma Police Station, Station House Officer confirmed to Mizzima that the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) had taken away three co-accused detained in connection with Phyo Ko Ko Tint San case.

Station House Officer said, “Phyo Ko Ko Tint San has already been taken before since the case was transferred to CID. The remaining three were taken away today. They are co-accused in this case,”

This case was transferred to CID on October 19 and Phyo Ko Ko Tint San was taken away on the same day.

Lewe Station House Officer said, “They are likely to be remanded in the appropriate township and might be kept there.”

Deputy Home Minister Maj. Gen. Aung Soe said on October 26 that currently 15 accused had been detained and 24 arms had been seized from them and 17 cases had been registered the accused.

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