Citizen rights of Myanmar Muslims cannot be forgotten, says student leader

05 March 2018
Citizen rights of Myanmar Muslims cannot be forgotten, says student leader
88-Generation Student leader Mya Aye. Photo: Daung Lu

88-Generation Student leader Mya Aye said that he would not accept any government which would compromise the citizen rights of Myanmar Muslims.
He was speaking at the ‘Civic Rights, Citizen’s responsibilities and Serving the Nation forum’ organised by Social Alliance, the Myanmar Muslim civil society, and held at Park Royal Hotel, Yangon on March 4 in the afternoon.
“I’d like to say straight here we have no reason to feel inferior. We don’t need to be inferior. I’d like to urge you to continue your work of serving the nation with the spirit of civic duty and with a clear conscience since you are not expecting any opportunity from anyone. And at the same time I’d like to say to other people not to treat us with inferior civic rights and I’d like to say to you to see us as the citizens of this nation. We can’t be treated like that. As a sister lady said before here, we are the Myanmar Muslims; it’s very simple, all of us are Myanmar Muslims living in this nation and follows our religion of Islam. This is Myanmar Muslim. We don’t want to claim an ethnic race. We are not interested in it, but we want to get full civic rights granted in controversial 2008 constitution as fundamental rights. No more or no less. We won’t accept any government which will compromise our civic rights and which will decrease our fundamental rights,” He said.
Mya Aye added that Myanmar Muslims have done what they had to do in every role of theirs throughout the history of Myanmar so that they also have the responsibility to work for the development and prosperity of the nation.