Defendant in Ko Ni case says he will file case against Robert San Aung

Defendant Aung Win Zaw (R).

Defendant Aung Win Zaw in the Ko Ni murder case said during yesterday’s court appearance that he would file a case against advocate Robert San Aung and Aung Soe.

Advocate Ko Ni was murdered nearly one ago on January 29 at Yangon International Airport.

The three accused in the Ko Ni murder case namely the alleged gunman Kyi Lin, Aung Win Zaw and Zeyar Phyo, were produced before court for the 39th hearing on January 19.

The defendant Aung Win Zaw told media as he entered the courtroom that he would file case against advocate Robert San Aung and Aung Soe under section 8(f) for accusing them of saying words he claimed they did not say.

The words in question were allegedly spoken at the previous court hearing on January 12.

Ko Ni was a member of the National League for Democracy (NLD) party’s Central Legal Team and an advocate. He was killed by gunman Kyi Lin upon his arrival from an Indonesia study tour arranged by the Information Ministry on January 29 on his arrival at the aiport.

Taxi driver Nay Win was also killed by Kyi Lin while the former was chasing the gunman.

Retired Col. Aung Win Khaing was allegedly the mastermind behind this case of assassinating advocate Ko Ni. He is the brother of accused Aung Win Zaw. Aun Win Zaw, retired Capt. Zeyar Phyo and gunman Kyi Lin are facing trial in this case. Fugitive Aung Win Khaing has not yet been arrested.

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