Farmers in Tanintharyi stage protest against Shwe Kanbawza oil-palm company

More than 200 farmers from six villages in Tanintharyi Township, Myeik District, Tanintharyi Region, on Sunday morning staged a protest march urging authorities and Shwe Kanbawza oil-palm company to give back confiscated lands in Yay Phyu Village.

John Maung, the organizer of the protest, from Tarplug Village, said, "The reason why we staged the protest is to tell government departments in Tanintharyi, leaders of the nation, city people, and farmers about the crony-like Shwe Kanbawza oil-palm company that has tortured us."

More than 200 farmers from Shan Inntaw, Yayphyu, Kontyaw, Htonekha, Tarplug and Chaunglamu villages participated in the march. The farmers said that their lands were confiscated, their crops destroyed and they did not get compensations.

"Shwe Kanbawza oil-palm company unjustly seized lands from farmers. The company has sued some farmers. We complained about it to relevant government departments, but so far, they have yet to resolve the issue. When farmers grew crops [on the confiscated lands], the company came and destroyed those crops, so the farmers have encountered difficulties. When we complained, they threatened us. That's why we staged the protest," said Hla Tun, a protestor.

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