Garbage fire brought under control

04 May 2018
Garbage fire brought under control
A firefighter tries to reach a fire at Htain Bin dumpsite in Yangon, Myanmar, 23 April 2018. Photo: Lynn Bo Bo/EPA-EFE

The garbage fire that broke out on the western outskirts of  Yangon on April 21, has been totally brought under control with smoke emitted from the fire being completely extinguished by Wednesday evening after 12 days fight, according to Xinhua Thursday quoting the Fire Department.
The authorities made efforts to control the smoke with bio foam under a strategy of dividing the burned sites into four zones in the fight.
Involving experts from Thailand and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), a combined force of firefighters, military personnel, municipal staff and about 900 volunteers took part in the fight against the fire and poisonous smoke.