Mizzima TV launches its inaugural broadcasts

24 March 2018
Mizzima TV launches its inaugural broadcasts

Mizzima TV launched its broadcasts this morning providing a mix of news, entertainment, and youth-and-children oriented material, including foreign TV programmes, catering for a Myanmar audience.
Mizzima is one of the five private companies that recently signed a cooperation agreement with the state-run Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV) to operate as content providers for digital free-to-air TV channels in a multi-playout system of MRTV with the channels.
Mizzima Media Group Managing Director and Editor In-Chief Soe Myint said that Mizzima TV channel would focus on youth and child programmes besides entertainment programmes in its telecast.
“Mizzima will telecast mainly for youths and children because there aren’t any TV channels focusing on this area in Myanmar. So this audience will be suitable for us,” Soe Myint said.
Mizzima is a multimedia platform that publishes online and in print, in the form of a weekly magazine.
The programmes began this morning at 6:15 with Health Tips, followed by news and entertainment. The daily schedule runs through the day until the last programme that begins at 10:45 pm.
Programmes include news, celebrity profiles, the YOPE youth programme, exclusive interviews, music, Myanmar tourist and cultural attractions, including Tasty Trip, and a range of other programmes.
Mizzima Editor In-Chief Soe Myint was upbeat on the prospects.
“Since Mizzima was founded in 1998, we have aimed to establish democracy, national reconciliation and development in Myanmar; and as a part of our ambitions, as a media organisation, we aim to cooperate with other groups. We are still fulfilling that objective now,” he said.
“Mizzima’s plan is to nurture young people. Mizzima has been working to support the younger generation, which is essential for Myanmar, to ensure that they can play a crucial role in the development of Myanmar. Moreover, Mizzima has been trying to create jobs for them to ensure that they can take part in working for the development of the country and promoting democracy in our country by using their capacities and their beliefs. So, Mizzima’s plan is to give them positions in which they can use their capacities,” Soe Myint added.