Myanmar rapped at UN

23 April 2017
Myanmar rapped at UN
United States Ambassador to the United Nations and current Security Council President Nikki Haley. Photo: Jason Szenes/EPA

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley added Myanmar to her list of usual suspects of concern when it comes to human rights during a UN Security Council meeting this week.
The UN Security Council held its first debate on human rights not connected to a particular conflict on Tuesday. The debate was initiated by US ambassador Nikki Haley, who called out Cuba, North Korea, Syria, and Iran – and included Myanmar in the criticism
“We continue to watch Burma, where the security forces have allegedly conducted episodes of violence and repression against ethnic Rohingya, who already face widespread ethnic and religious discrimination from governmental authorities and popular social movements, even despite the human rights gains achieved throughout the country as a result of Burma’s ongoing democratic transformation. Such treatment drives desperate people to flee to neighboring countries at best or to radicalization at worst. These sorts of allegations demand real, independent investigations as soon as possible. This is why we supported the recent establishment of an international fact-finding mission to look into these allegations,” she told the meeting.
Myanmar had avoided mention over recent years.
The session, which degenerated into what was described as a shaming session, appears to have had little impact.
The Donald Trump administration is generally viewed as putting on a show, pretending to care about human rights when the opposite is true as seen as true.