Rule of law and anti-corruption will be priority, Ayeyerwady Region CM nominee says

Mahn Johnny who was nominated as Ayeyarwady Region government Chief Minister. Photo: Sithu Maung Maung

Mahn Johnny who was nominated as Ayeyarwady Region government Chief Minister (CM) told media on 27 March that the rule of law and anti-corruption would be his government’s priorities.

“I assume that my party (NLD) nominated me for this post because of my devotion to the party over 28 years. I was elected three times. I am satisfied with my nomination as I think I was nominated because of my loyalty to the party, understanding of the party, and loyalty to mankind throughout my party life,” he said.

Mahn Johnny was elected as an MP from Kyonepyaw constituency in the 1990 general election, elected as lower house MP from Myaungmya constituency in the 2012 by-elections, and finally as Ayeyarwady Region Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA)  in the 2015 general elections. The NLD party nominated him for Chief Minister of the Ayeyarwady Region government.

“In the next five years, we must go through this journey based on morals. The law is on paper but sometimes they are left on paper and not enforced. So my first work will be examining all these things and acting in accordance with the law,” Mahn Johnny said.

“In my governance I will treat all equally and will govern frankly and with understanding,” he added.

Incumbent Ayeyarwady Region government CM Thein Aung who was elected from Ingapu constituency will hand over power to the new CM on March 30.

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