USDP leaders to meet today over party crisis

17 August 2015
USDP leaders to meet today over party crisis
Photo: Min Min/Mizzima

The Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) has called a hastily arranged leadership meeting on Monday to prepare for a showdown with their ousted party chairman in parliament this week, two senior party members told Reuters on 16 August.
Rivalry between two of Myanmar's most powerful establishment figures - party chairman Shwe Mann and President Thein Sein - came to a head in a late-night drama on Wednesday, when trucks with security personnel sealed off the headquarters of the USDP.
The president dismissed Shwe Mann and purged his allies from the USDP leadership, just three months before the country's election.
But Shwe Mann still holds the powerful position of the speaker of parliament. He will face the emboldened presidential faction of his own party on Tuesday when the chamber reopens for the last session before the 8 November election.
The party may discuss how to introduce a bill to parliament that could be used to impeach Shwe Mann, USDP lawmaker Hla Shwe told Reuters on Sunday.