KNP, RNFP, and KPP campaign speeches broadcast

Chairman of Kayin People’s Party Saw Tun Aung Myint.
Chairman of Kayin People’s Party Saw Tun Aung Myint. Photo:Saw Tun Aung Myint

More campaign speeches from three political parties were broadcast on Thursday the Global New Light of Myanmar reported on 11 September.

The speeches were made by General Secretary U Nan Yi of Kayan National Party (KNP), Chairman U Aye Kyaing of Rakhine National Force Party and Chairman of Kayin People’s Party Saw Tun Aung Myint and General Secretary U Saw Say Wah.

U Nan Yi of KNP said his party advocates for self-determination, a genuine union and democracy, federalism, equality, peace, regional development and the conservation of Kayan culture and traditions.

U Aye Kyaing of the Rakhine National Force Party said that his party’s aim is to establish a federal democracy and an inclusive market economy. Other policies include constitutional reform, peace, equality and strict immigration controls.

Saw Tun Aung Myint and U Saw Say Wah said that stability is essential for economic development and that the Kayin People’s Party favours a process of gradual democratisation and developing a comprehensive market economy. The party promotes inclusive education, health care and national unity it is competing for 119 seats in the elections.

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