Government soldiers killed in Laukkai fighting

A government soldier takes a position at the corner of a street in self-administered Kokang capital Laukkai, northern Shan State, Myanmar, February 16, 2015. Photo: Lynn Bo Bo/EPA

Several government soldiers have been killed in fighting with the Kokang armed forces over two days of military engagements.

The office of the military Commander-in-Chief on March 12 announced that fighting broke out in Laukkai area between the government forces and a Kokang armed group that day after the Kokang group attacked a government convoy travelling from Lashio to Laukkai in northern Shan State.

Three government soldiers were killed and five others injured in the fighting, said the office.

At about 1 pm on March 12, Kokang group attacked the convoy of supplies from Lashio to Laukkai, so the government forces fired heavy weapons at the Kokang forces.

In the evening, a Kokang armed group ambushed a government column near the hills to the west of Mawhtaik, so the government forces fought back, according to the office of the Commander-in-Chief.

In the afternoon of March 12, government forces seized weapons and more than 200,000 methamphetamine tablets worth more than K500 million [US$500,000] near Parsinkyaw Village.

The day before, four government soldiers were killed and five others injured in clashes, according to the office.

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