NSCN(K) operative Niki Sumi is key man behind Manipur massacre

16 June 2015
NSCN(K) operative Niki Sumi is key man behind Manipur massacre
Photo: Youtube

The National Investigation Agency has zeroed in on four masterminds of the 4 June attack on the Indian Army. The attack was led by key NSCN(K) operative Niki Sumi, who incidentally is also in charge of the outfit’s military operations reports the Asian Age on 16 June.
The plot was hatched in Myanmar, with intelligence sources saying Niki Sumi had escaped just hours before the retaliation by Indian Army Special Forces, who attacked his Ponue camp in Myanmar. Sumi is now learnt to be shifting base every 15 days.
In addition, the role of two other key NSCN(K) members, Neymlang and Starson Lamkang, is also being looked into. While Neymlang is said to be a military operational strategist, Lamkang looks after the financial resources of the terrorist group.
While the operation was carried out by the NSCN(K), it also got logistical support from local KYKL chief Oken, top sources said.
The NIA, with help from Central intelligence agencies, is conducting investigations into one of the worst attacks on the Indian Army in recent times.
It is also suspected that Niki Sumi has escaped to a high-security training camp somewhere in northern Myanmar, where he is said to be under heavy protection of some Myanmar Army units as well as members of China’s People’s Liberation Army.