NLD victory could affect Japanese businesses, expert warns

In the wake of Myanmar’s ruling party conceding defeat to Aung San Suu Kyi’s opposition forces in the nation’s first free general election in 25 years, A Japanese expert said it could have mixed repercussions for Japanese companies investing there, the Japan Times reported on 9 November.

“Japanese companies are worried about whether the NLD has sufficient knowledge and human resources to take the helm of state,” said Masahiko Ebashi, president of Myanmar Economic Research and Consulting Co., a think tank based in Yangon. “Can they really run the state without the help of the military?”

Ebashi said it would be better if Suu Kyi’s NLD could cooperate with the USDP in running the state, and if she clashes with the military party on issues such as constitutional revision there will be political unrest.

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