ANP to demand national-level political dialogue before 21st Century Panglong

Arakan National Party (ANP) Chairman Dr. Aye Maung. Photo: Mizzima

The Arakan National Party (ANP) Chairman Dr. Aye Maung confirmed to Mizzima that they would demand national-level political dialogue in Rakhine State before the second Union Peace Conference or 21st Century Panglong Conference scheduled for May 24.

Dr. Aye Maung said that he was assigned by his party to make this demand at the Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee (UPDJC) meeting to be held in Naypyitaw today.

The Government’s Peace Commission (PC) have sent a letter to ANP asking them to suspend the national-level political dialogue because of the sensitive situation in Rakhine State.

According to Dr. Aye Maung papers representing ethnic Rakhine views on race, politics, economics, social, land and natural resources cannot be presented at the 21st Century Panglong Conference unless national-level political dialogue can be held in Rakhine State first. 

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