Mandalay Myotha Industrial Park attracts USD 500 million investment

Myotha Industrial Park (MIP) Entrance. Photo: Mandalay Myotha Industrial Development

The Mandalay Myotha Industrial Park project in Myanmar's central Mandalay region has attracted 500 million U.S. dollars of local and foreign investment as of mid this month, Xinhua reported quoting state media.

The project is jointly implemented by the Mandalay government and Mandalay Myotha Industrial Development (MMID) Public Company, aiming to construct more than 100 plants on a 1000-plus-acre compound within three years.

At present, five factories including animal feed plants, a saw-mill, a concrete plant and a snow cookie plant with investments from Indonesia, Denmark, Thailand, China and China's Hong Kong are operational, the report said.

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