Myanmar and India hold joint navy exercise

The Union of Myanmar Navy Ships UMS King Sin Phyu Shin (Frigate) and UMS Inlay (Off-shore Patrol Vessel) arrived Visakhapatnam on 25 March 18 to participate in the maiden bi-lateral Indian and Myanmar Navy Exercise 2018 (IMNEX-18) being held off the East Coast of India. Photo: Madhu Burra/Facebook

Two battleships from Myanmar have arrived at Vishakhapatnam, India, to take part in Indian a joint Myanmar Navy Exercise 2018 (IMNEX-18). The exercise is being held off the eastern coast of India, the India Today reported on 25 March.

The exercise will be carried out in two phases namely the harbour phase (25th-30th March) and the sea phase (31st March-3rd April).

UMS King Sin Phyu Shin (Frigate) and UMS Inlay (Off-shore patrol vessel) are the two Myanmarese navy battleships that are taking part in the joint exercise.

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