AGENDA makes a splash

10 September 2016
AGENDA makes a splash
Yangon Fashion Market event. Photo: AGENDA

AGENDA, an events management company, is making a name for themselves on the Yangon scene and further afield in Myanmar.
In the following interview with Mizzima Weekly, AGENDA Director Khin Thu Thu talks about their plans and vision.
What is the main concept behind AGENDA?
Our concept is to provide international service standards combined local know how to create unique experiences and events. Logistics in Myanmar are often difficult as half a century of the country’s isolation has left it with scarcity. We started this company to use our experience in luxury and fashion to produce events mirroring the level of innovation and quality found in other major cities.
What would you say you are providing that does not already exist in Yangon?
Agenda can provide not only quality and original event planning and management but also the ability to network, provide public relations services and connections to respective potential partners.
How do you view the opportunities for events in Myanmar?
The opportunities for events in Myanmar are endless. As the country is opening up there are many people flocking to Myanmar to start businesses and create a lifestyle. Therefore, there is an influx of creative and professional events at hand and Agenda is at the forefront of accommodating that in a way that is seamless for the clients.
Who would you say are your customers for putting on such events?
We are experienced in putting together all sizes and themes of events, from small private parties to large corporate events. Our customers could be anyone who wants to do something interesting and special in Myanmar!
How much of a challenge is this? Are people expecting to see more and more creative events?
Quality event planning is quite new to most people in Myanmar. So far, it has not been hard to execute and impress. There are also a lot of interesting venues and cultural ideas in Myanmar that we can make use of, so the road has been smooth so far!
The creative scene is booming in Yangon and people are always looking for different and exciting activities to participate in. People are expected to want colloquial happenings as well and Agenda already has a leg up on the matter.
Please can you offer some examples of events you have run?
Agenda has an array of past events under our belt and we are already working on new events for the near future. Some examples of past events are:
-The Great Gatsby Screening with Director BazLurhman
-Memory Film Festival with host Catherine Deneuve
-Yangon Fashion Market
-Power of Film, FilmAid Fundraising Dinner
We’re currently working on:
-Black Tie Gala for the American Chamber of Commerce Myanmar (AmCham) 
-Yangon Food Trail - a regular event  and  "Taste of Yangon" A Social Media Competition 
Email - [email protected]