Multi-ethnic Rakhine youth forum held

By RiA
21 January 2017
Multi-ethnic Rakhine youth forum held
The youth forum underway. Photo: RiA

A youth forum attended by multi-ethnic Rakhine citizens is being held in Punnakyun, Rakhine State from January 20 to 22.
This forum is being attended by ethnic Rakhine and five ethnic tribes including Myo, Dainek, Khumi, and Marama totaling about 150 attendees and they are focusing their discussions on the deteriorating situation with youth education, health, drug abuse and awareness of environment conservation in the state.
One of the forum organizers, Thein Wunna, said: “We don’t expect much from this forum. This is our first ever forum in our history and an unprecedented event. So we cannot expect much from this forum. We hope our current unity and merging of multi-ethnic youths here will be role model for the next generation or motivation for our future work. This is our humble hope from this forum.”
The organizers of the forum said that their objective was to make youth who would represent and formulate the form of unity, merging and all-inclusiveness of multi-ethnicity.
Programme Officer Zin Maung Lin said: “We come here and give support to them as this forum is in line with our principles. In this three-day forum, the agenda of the talking points are on youth related issues of drug abuse, education, health, peace, employment and environment, totaling six sectors. Dr. Kyaw Yin Hlaing will give lecture on academic issues at this forum.”
Khumi ethnic tribe Inga Aung said that they were pleased with giving recognition to their ethnic tribe and they would discuss the education sector of their tribe at the forum.