Court will hear case of 17 alleged Chinese sex workers this month

01 June 2018
Court will hear case of 17 alleged Chinese sex workers this month
A line-up of the women who face charges.  Photo: Ye Zarni/Facebook

South Okkalapa Township court said that they would start to hear the case of 17 alleged Chinese sex workers on June 6.
The authorities claim Oriental Spa in this township is engaged in the sex industry.
Police Inspector Tint Lwin from Yangon Region Police Force put this case for trial at the township court on May 23 as prosecutor and the South Okkalapa Township magistrate said May 31 that the prosecutor would hear the case on June 6.
The magistrate added that the prosecution submitted 18 prosecution witnesses in this case.
Police Force raided and inspected Oriental Spa which was being run in No. 8 Ward of South Okkalapa Township without a license on May 22. They found it was a brothel and they arrested the people at the premises.  
The press release issued by Myanmar Police Force says the police force arrested 17 Chinese sex workers, Chinese manager Peng An Ting hailing from Hubei Province, China, said to have no passport or visa, two more Chinese citizens, Myanmar staff Moe Moe aka Arh Phyin, aged 24, from Kutkai, Shan State and eight other people, three males and five females.
The police force press release added that the case was registered against Spa owner (under investigation), two Chinese citizens including Peng An Ting, eight accused including Moe Moe aka Arh Phyin at South Okkalapa Police Station  in a criminal case involving the Suppression of Prostitution Act.