SSPP to work for democratic federal union outside parliament

SSPP leaders Photo: Shan Herald Agency for News

The Shan State Progressive Party (SSPP) 2015 Central Committee plenum has passed a six-point resolution included a goal of working to establish a genuine democratic federal union by means outside of Parliament.

The plenum, held from January 4 to 17, discussed the ongoing ceasefire and peace process and other resolutions.

SSPP spokesman Maj. Sai Suu told Mizzima, “We released our statement expressing our resolution for establishing a genuine democratic federal union by means of outside parliament. Now we are working in the principle of mutual withdrawals of our troops from our frontline positions with the government.”

The statement says SSPP will work through non-military means to cooperate with government, Tatmadaw (Defense Services), Parliament, political parties and other organizations for the emergence of genuine democratic federal union.

The resolution pledged to work on narcotic drug eradication and on repatriation, rehabilitation and resettlement of war refugees.

The SSPP and government withdrew their troops from frontline positions in 2015, but assistance for rehabilitation of war refugees is still needed.

“We badly need emergency assistance for war refugees as all of their crops have been lost in monsoon during the past 2-3 months. We have to negotiate with the government on that issue. And then we have to build houses for their resettlement and rehabilitation,” he said.

He said that there were more than 1,000 refugees in Hai Par refugee camp and 300 refugees were still in the Wan Wa refugee camp.

The resolution also emphasized unity among ethnic Shan nationalities.

This plenum was attended by 156 members.

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