NLD party member Nyan Win assesses progress since the 2015 election victory

11 November 2017
NLD party member Nyan Win assesses progress since the 2015 election victory
NLD party Central Executive Committee (CEC) member and secretariat member Nyan Win.

November 8 this year marks the second anniversary of the National League for Democracy (NLD) party’s landslide victory in the 2015 general elections.
The NLD contested this general election with the slogan of ‘It’s time for change’ yet two years after their victory some are raising questions about their progress.
Mizzima correspondent Zeyar Maw interviewed NLD party Central Executive Committee (CEC) member and secretariat member Nyan Win to discuss progress.
It has been two years since the general elections. How has your party been faring in implementing one of your promises given in election manifesto, amending the constitution?
We are still trying to do this work. I’m not saying these words easily. We are really trying to do this work but we cannot yet answer this question in detail as it can be achieved only if we can achieve national unity in the entire country. We are trying to do this and to achieve this work first. This is our main agenda that we are doing now. When we can achieve this goal, we will be on the track to success. I’d like to say only we are still trying to do this job.
Could the NLD do what the party intended to do within these two years?
We could establish a democratic country though it is not yet the full-fledged democratic country but it still exits as a democratic country vividly to a certain extent.
What things were you unable to do?  
We have been unable yet to do two things completely and satisfactorily, the Tatmadaw’s (military) involvement in politics and matters relating to the constitution.
In your party’s 2015 general elections manifesto, the party promised the  emergence of an administrative system that can protect people fairly. Can you say you have fulfilled this promise?
We could have done a lot in this regard but there will never be perfection in anything. We could have done a lot in law and order issue but I’d like to say at the same time there are many areas that we could not have done yet.
Some critics claim the country’s economy is in stagnation and some even said that the economy is in decline. What will the NLD do next for the country’s economy?
We cannot say the economy is in decline. The economy is not progressing as it should be but it is not falling. We learn that the committees concerned are doing hard daily work on what they have to do in the economy. Since I am not well versed in economics I cannot give you an appropriate answer.
What about the situation of government’s actions regarding Rakhine State affairs?
Myanmar government first suffered terrorist attacks in October before they could do anything. Myanmar government should not be blamed for consequent actions after these terrorist attacks. Those who committed terror attacks should be blamed. I think only they should be asked this question and only they deserve this question.
The Chief Minister of a Region Government was replaced during this two-year period. Is there any likelihood of such changes in the future?
It will depend on their performance. If they did something that needed to be taken action with a replacement, there will be such change and replacement in the future too.
Do you mean it will depend only on reviewing the performance of the Chief Ministers?
I don’t mean performance (appraisal). I mean their cetena (benevolence) of their action. If they do their work with cetena, there will be no actions against them. The bad consequence will follow bad cetena.
And some said on union ministers. There are some suggestions that the union ministers who could not show good performance and good results should be replaced. So what about the union ministers?
Please ask this question to the union ministers concerned. We cannot say in detail from the top.
NLD party contested in general elections with the slogan ‘It’s time for change’. Has there been real change?
Yes, it is changing. I have answered this in your first question. It is in process of change but I would not like to say the change is perfect and complete.
It has been two years since the general elections. What would you like to say to the voters who elected your party?
Such a change is profound and delicate. I’d like to say to all to understand and forgive us and to recognize our hard work and hard efforts.