Myanmar migrant workers in northern Thailand makes demand for human rights

Photo: Phanida

Fifteen workers-organizations in Chiang Mai and more than 170 Myanmar migrant workers gathered in Chiang Mai on December 19 to demand human rights from Thai authorities.

They submitted an 11-point demand to the Mayor.

To mark International Migrants Day, they gathered at Uniserv Hall in Chiang Mai University on December 18 and discussed human rights related to Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand. Then on December 19, they marched to Chiang Mai City Hall and submitted the demand to Thai officials.

The 11-point demand includes the issuing of new work permits for migrant workers, reduction in costs for the work permits and the number of required documents, the right to association, and fullhuman rights for domestic workers.

More than ten workers-organizations including MAP Foundation, Human Rights and Development Foundation, Nothern Labour Network, Workers Solidarity Association, Shan Youth Power, Empower Foundation and MPLUS put their signatures to the demands.

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